Freedom Defined

by admin on April 15, 2014


Lost was my middle name

And death enslaved me in a cage


And though his blood was on my hands

Now his blood is in my veins

The great physician did the impossible

And made a way out of no way

My debt has been paid

My whole identity has been remade

What more can I say

No longer do I own this breath that I take

My life is no longer mine to dictate

But the one who holds the pen and the page

Has the right to make a change

And he cannot make a mistake

- Alexander B.


A Frozen Portrait

by admin on January 20, 2014

I recently saw Disney’s Frozen in theaters. Have you heard of it? It’s quite popular. I must say I quite enjoyed it. But it may not be for reasons you would expect. For those who haven’t seen it, let me summarize the movie [There may be spoilers].




Elsa and Anna are sisters who love each other more than anything. But Elsa has a secret. She has the power to turn anything into a winter wonderland. The thing is she can’t control it.  Elsa is afraid of hurting other people, especially Anna. She is also afraid of how people will react when they discover her secret. For everyone’s safety she isolates herself both physically and emotionally. But that doesn’t get rid of her power or teach her how to control it; it only enlarges the problem.


Finally, the fateful day comes when Elsa’s mask is torn away. The reaction of others is exactly what she feared it would be. Thus, she applies the only remedy she knows: deeper isolation. However, this still only brings further hurt to herself. But there is a second remedy that she isn’t yet aware of. Her sister, Anna, relentlessly pursues her. By the end of the movie we see that “Only an act of true love can thaw a frozen heart.” Anna’s love for her sister enables Elsa to control her power and to restore the whole town.


Now, the reason this story intrigued me so much is because it reminds me of my brother and myself. I also had a secret: the ability and desire to do evil. I kept it a secret because I was ashamed of it. I couldn’t control it. I thought it would be best to isolate myself. I would look my best and try my hardest to keep the secret hidden. But looking back that isolation only left me hurt and alone.


When this was happening, there was a man who loved me enough to become my brother. He pursued me relentlessly. You could say my brother is a bit of a superhero because he rescued me from the most implausible circumstance. His love conquered my desire and ability to do evil. He’s still in the process of restoring the broken relationships that have been hurt and it’s been the best experience I’ve ever known.


The reason I like Frozen is because it reminds me of my Brother. My Jesus. My King.


 Therefore, since we have been justified by faith, we have peace with God through our Lord Jesus Christ. Through him we have also obtained access by faith into this grace in which we stand, and we rejoice in hope of the glory of God. Not only that, but we rejoice in our sufferings, knowing that suffering produces endurance, and endurance produces character, and character produces hope, and hope does not put us to shame, because God’s love has been poured into our hearts through the Holy Spirit who has been given to us.                               –  Romans 5:1-5



by admin on August 23, 2013


“We live in a time in which Christians are more afraid of being called ‘religious’ than they are of seeing their generation go to hell.” – Mattie Montgomery


Let’s examine the first part of that idea. “We live in a time in which Christians are…afraid of being called ‘religious’…” Our world has witnessed a lamentable number of people claiming to be under the banner of Christ who have blasphemed the teaching of Jesus. Maybe they’re self-righteous hypocrites. Maybe they are terrible at extending God’s mercy and grace to the “worst sinners” out there. Maybe they make some doctrinal issues less important (or more important) than Jesus made them.  Whatever the case may be they have made Christianity repulsive to those who don’t believe in Jesus, and have given a nauseating headache to those who do.


That being said, it is easy for believers to reject the label of being religious. If the ultra-hypocritical Christians are today’s definition of what it means to be religious, then religious label makes believers like us look bad, and so we’re afraid to wear it. But nowhere in the Bible are God’s people given the right to care more about their own public image than God’s. In fact Jesus suggested that those who follow him wouldn’t have the best public image. “If the world hates you, know that it has hated me before it hated you” – John 15:18.


The truth is just because others have represented Christ poorly doesn’t give us an excuse not to represent him at all. And how will unbelievers know the true meaning of following Jesus if we are not willing to honestly show them through our daily lives? Fact: Even believers would be going to hell if it weren’t for God’s intervention. And are we so heartless that we don’t care about the eternity of everyone around us?


“We live in a time in which Christians are more afraid of being called ‘religious’ than they are of seeing their generation go to hell.” Brothers and sisters, let us pray that this time ends soon.


Imagine this…

by admin on March 29, 2013

What if you were there?

What if you saw him already beaten and bruised?

Then you hear the crowd chant


Words never cut so deep in your heart

How could they say this about Holy God in human form?

Don’t they know this will be the saddest day in history??

Yet they keep on ranting and raving

Then you notice something strange among them

Someone who looks just like you is shouting

They start shouting louder and louder and louder

You know it’s yourself and burn with anger because of the image


And then it dawns on you

Every time you sin you shame the Christ

You say in your heart, “CRUCIFY HIM! CRUCIFY THIS FOOL!”

Now you can’t contain yourself

You leave the scene with tears pouring down your face

You’re so ashamed of yourself – you vow never to be among them again


But before you know it you’ve forgotten all about it

You go back to where it all began

Back to the place where sin was pleasure

Searching for happiness and fulfillment, finding the opposite

For a moment it’s there but soon replaced with bitter anger

You’re dying inside knowing you made the Christ suffer

He didn’t deserve it – the guilt rests on your shoulders

But then a voice, a whisper tells you it wanted to take the pain

Says it was worth it, worth it for your sake

How can that be?

The answer is beyond me


Satisfaction & Distraction

January 26, 2013

“Take these things away; do not make my Father’s house a house of trade.” – John 2:16   Every human on earth is searching for one thing: satisfaction. As Christians it may be easy for us to give the Sunday School response of “only God can truly satisfy.” Yet knowing that intellectually and actually believing it […]

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God can Speak through Anyone

January 26, 2013

Dear Beloved, The day I first met you You told me you’d never fall in love But now that I get you I know fear is what it really was Now here we are So close yet so far Haven’t I passed the test When will you realize Baby, I’m not like the rest Don’t […]

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The New Year Fast

December 6, 2012

  Every Christmas season is a time for remembering. It is a time of being grateful for the time being spent with loved ones. It is a time of joy. A time that is not easily matched by anything else. Tied in with the Christmas season is the beckoning of the new year. New Year’s […]

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I made it to college…now what??!?

September 17, 2012

You probably realized this already, but college is a prime opportunity for people, including yourself, to ask millions of questions to you. These questions may include: What are you going to college for? What clubs or extracurricular activities will you be a part of? Who will your friends be? What are you going to do […]

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First Impressions

September 4, 2012

As long as we can remember we’ve developed first impressions of different people and places. Opportunities for first impressions will never go away. It might be a planned opportunity, like meeting a professor for the first time. You, or I for that matter, signed up for a certain class so you planned on meeting that […]

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Welcome to MSU 2012 fall semester!!!!

August 20, 2012

  It’s another semester. Another year. Another fresh start. For some of us, this is the first time experiencing the college life. For others, you may have been here longer than expected and are getting anxious to be out in the real world. Or maybe you’re just glad to be back. Whatever category you fit […]

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